Zoom on the properties and virtues of the Moonstone

Moonstone belongs to the feldspar group. It has a colour that changes from white to blue. Moonstone has a crystalline structure which gives it its reflection. Moonstone is one of the most commonly used stones in lithotherapy to treat ailments of the body and mind.

History of the moonstone

The moonstone got its name from its characteristics which are very similar to those of the moon. In ancient times, it was considered a stone of the goddesses and was the object of divination. Later, the stone was adopted by various civilizations such as the Indian and Roman civilizations. In fact, the moonstone has remained sacred in India to this day. The Roman ancestors praised the ability of moonstone to influence the feeling of love. Nowadays, everyone recognises the virtues and properties of moonstone in lithotherapy. It soothes both the body and mind, and conveys positive vibes to the wearer in the form of jewellery (bracelet, necklace and pendant). The name of the moonstone was declared and made official in 2000 by the state of Florida in the United States.

What are the benefits of the moonstone?

On a physical level, this stone promotes fertility, solves sexual problems, harmonises hormonal secretions and menstrual cycles, relieves menopausal disorders, prolongs lactation, regulates the thyroid, reduces digestive disorders, soothes insect bites and combats sleepwalking. The virtues of the moonstone are revealed when it is in contact with or placed near the area to be healed. Furthermore, the moonstone acts on the mind and spirit together. It is a yin stone with a feminine essence and thus promotes openness towards others. Currently, the moonstone is used to calm hyperactive or moody people, to develop imagination and creativity, to promote extrasensory abilities in clairvoyance and mediumship, to increase sensitivity to art, to reduce stress and anxiety and to help in decision-making.

Where to find the moonstone?

The moonstone is not available to everyone. This stone is mainly found in plutonic and alkaline rocks. It is found in countries and regions where granitic pegmatites are formed. To benefit from the virtues of the Moonstone, you can then go and discover its source all over the world. It can be found, for example, in the Swiss and Austrian Alps, in Poland, Norway and Armenia in Europe. Then it can be found in Africa, notably in Madagascar and Tanzania. Finally, it is found in Oceania in Australia and in Asia, in India, Sri Lanka and Burma.
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