What does an anklet mean?

The ankle bracelet, or anklet has become a real trend. You can even deduce that wearing this jewellery will decorate your look. However, what you may not know is that it is a kind of ancient jewellery. Many years ago, wearing this jewellery was very important for many countries. These are India, Egypt, Africa and Asia. The significance of wearing this ornament differs from country to country. In addition, each country has its own culture and custom. Today, wearing anklets has become a style for women and even for men.

The significance of the anklet in India

In North India, all females wear anklets. Indeed, it is a kind of custom. In other words, for centuries there has been a significance of ankle bracelets for Indian women. They wear them to distinguish themselves from other members of the clans or from other regions. This means that women put them on in order to show which ethnic group or caste they belong to. Thus, these ornaments were jewels that they attached to a bracelet or a chain. However, some put on their bracelet with a hollow metal ball that contains a piece of metal to better decorate the ankles. In addition, this decoration allows the spouse to know right away if his wife has arrived. The reason for this is that this decoration is necessary for the husband to avoid being caught by his wife in disrespectful behaviour and conversations with his friends. 

The significance of the bracelet in Egypt, Africa and Asia

Archaeologists have discovered Egyptian tombs. From these, they have seen that Egyptian women also wore anklets. Indeed, the ankle chain significance for women was special and rather amazing because they put on these jewels to show their availability. Moreover, there is a difference between a woman wearing a gold and a leather bracelet. The former is a precious piece of jewellery that rich wives wear while the latter is reserved for slave women. In other words, for the Egyptians, ankle ornaments are used to indicate a person's standard of living and whether they are wealthy or poor. On the other hand, for the Asians, it is not only women who wear them but also children. The reason for this is that children need jewellery to gain a particular advantage. It is to protect children from evil spirits. In other words, the bracelet offers protection and acts as a talisman. For Africans, foot jewellery was used just to decorate the feet of dancers. In addition, they also serve to differentiate members of one clan from another.

The meaning of the left ankle bracelet

Taking into account the meaning of the left ankle chain so as not to be criticised by others is really important. Indeed, wearing this bracelet on your left ankle marks that you are homosexual or bisexual. This means that it is also an opportunity for you to prove to society whether you are gay or not. In other words, wearing this jewellery will immediately designate your sexual orientation. Even if you need to decorate your ankle, you should at least know the meanings of the jewellery. The reason is that you will risk being teased by others and being disliked by your friends or family.

The meaning of the chain worn on the right ankle

Many people buy this ankle chain to be fashionable. However, there is a significance no matter where it is worn on your ankle. This means that it is not allowed to follow your habit like being right-handed and put the jewel on your right ankle. The reason for this is that in society, people who put their anklets on the left side are considered to be prostitutes. So, it is better to know this explanation in order not to be judged by others. If you put it on the right side of your ankle, it also indicates that you are heterosexual. With this location, you will be considered an easy girl or woman. So, you should follow the rules especially if you are too sensitive to others' mockery. Generally, people don't know that these objects have special meanings even though it is a really interesting detail to know. So, if you are offended or worried about the criticism from the society, it is better to know the different meanings.
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