Jewellery and natural stones

Where to buy natural stones and lithotherapy jewellery at the best price?

Today, having a natural stone jewel is becoming more and more fashionable. In fact, women as well as men like the protective aspect of these stones. Indeed, it has been recently discovered that stones in lithotherapy have many virtues on…

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Discover your stone: each zodiac sign has its stone

In lithotherapy, each astrological sign has its own stone. As each sign has a particular personality, the choice of a natural stone should be made according to the character traits of each individual and his or her needs. The energy…

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Zoom on the properties and virtues of the Moonstone

Moonstone belongs to the feldspar group. It has a colour that changes from white to blue. Moonstone has a crystalline structure which gives it its reflection. Moonstone is one of the most commonly used stones in lithotherapy to treat ailments…

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Wearing sodalite jewellery

Sodalites are minerals that were discovered in the 19th century. Baptized since antiquity, they have always been very discreet. However, they are stones of great beauty. Moreover, they are full of incredible benefits that will amaze you. This is why…

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A bracelet representing the 7 chakras

Designed with natural stones, the 7 chakras bracelet is beginning to seduce many people. In addition to its many health and wellness benefits, this accessory has an authentic charm. It is often perceived as miraculous. As a source of peace,…

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What does an anklet mean?

The ankle bracelet, or anklet has become a real trend. You can even deduce that wearing this jewellery will decorate your look. However, what you may not know is that it is a kind of ancient jewellery. Many years ago,…

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