Decoration and stones

Which facing stones to choose for your interior decoration?

Everyone dreams of a successful interior design. It is not only pleasing to the eye, but also makes you feel good in your home and reduces stress. Currently, stone cladding is very popular with many households. How do you choose…

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Borders, tables, benches, paths, decorations, paving stones: use stone in your garden!

No matter how big or small, the garden, just like the interior, deserves special attention. The design of the garden creates a calm atmosphere while enjoying the caress of the wind. Since it is a place of relaxation, it is…

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How to enhance an interior old stone wall?

Old stone walls are a very picturesque and authentic decorative element. But to make sure its elegance matches the rest of your interior, it is important to know how to enhance it. Discover our three tips for enhancing a stone…

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Online sales of storage boxes and cases

Choosing the right storage box and case for the right job can make all the difference when it comes to organising your home or office. Investing in the wrong container means wasting your money, time spent shopping, etc. So, to…

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Finding art at an antique dealer in Paris

Treasures such as valuables are often hidden in storage rooms or in old houses. Among these objects, there are pieces of art. The only concern that might arise is for how much and where to sell them. Indeed, setting the…

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