How to enhance an interior old stone wall?

Old stone walls are a very picturesque and authentic decorative element. But to make sure its elegance matches the rest of your interior, it is important to know how to enhance it. Discover our three tips for enhancing a stone wall.

Lime plastering

A good cleaning can restore the charm of the old, but it is not enough. For an interior renovation, you can enhance an old stone wall by applying lime plaster over it. The idea is not to cover or hide the stones, but rather to take advantage of their beauty. To do this, you must first clean the stones, dig out the joints (1 or 2 cm) and remove the dust. Mix sand and lime with water to obtain a homogeneous paste that is easy to apply. Using your trowel, cover the joints of the stones in your wall. Once the lime is dry (after 24 hours), use a wire brush to remove any excess paste that has settled on the stones.

Enhancing stones by brightening the room

Antique stones can help brighten up your interior, especially if you have the right lighting. On the one hand, we advise you to maximise the openings to let in natural light. Large windows or bay windows facing the wall will reveal the charm of your old stones. In addition, this will increase the warmth of your interior. On the other hand, you can choose to paint the other walls and the ceiling in white or light grey. This will add depth to the stone, but also allow the old stones to be illuminated. Finally, you can also choose original light fittings that will enhance the wall. Which ones? Lamps with wooden elements, hessian hangers or LED spotlights to be fixed to the ceiling.

Choosing the right decorations for the room

To highlight old stone walls, don't forget to think about your decoration. Design furniture and rustic decorative objects can be combined very well with this type of wall. This way, you will keep the authenticity of the stone while giving it a modern touch. Scandinavian style furniture and decorative pieces with an industrial look will fit in well with your interior.
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