Borders, tables, benches, paths, decorations, paving stones: use stone in your garden!

Published on : 13 April 20212 min reading time
No matter how big or small, the garden, just like the interior, deserves special attention. The design of the garden creates a calm atmosphere while enjoying the caress of the wind. Since it is a place of relaxation, it is important that the view is clearly appreciated. Stones are almost an inherent part of the garden, they are materials that give more relief and ornament. Embellish your garden by placing small stone tables and benches or add stone sculptures to make your yard more attractive and original.

Use bluestone for pathways

Paths need a covering such as blue paving stones that are resistant to any climate. A decorative stone in the garden, bluestone or “petite granite” makes walking easier thanks to its smooth, low-porosity appearance. Beyond that, its greyish colour that fades to blue adds a striking tone to your garden path. Blue stones are suitable for all outdoor areas: driveways, terraces and streets.

Marble garden furniture: tables, benches, etc.

What if you decorated your garden with marbled benches and tables to spend more time with your family or share pleasant moments with your guests? With its variety of colours and contrasts, marble makes your garden lounge elegant and charming. Moreover, marble is a very tough sedimentary rock that is not easily damaged. Stone decoration in the garden invites you to travel to a naturally irresistible world with a rock as shiny as marble.

Decorative stone prints and borders

Pebbles can also be used as decoration in the garden. Inexpensive, they can be used as a border for your lawn. This will add value to the look if you install modern accessories such as a water fountain, a basin or why not an Italian shower. Chic and contemporary, opt for stone decoration in the garden so that nature can give you its beneficial aspect. Therefore, border your vegetable garden with natural stones to distinguish them from the other plants in your garden.

Stone decoration in the garden adds a touch of originality to your relaxation area. While bluestone is a testament to the perpetuity of mineral nature, white pebbles add a touch of relief by brightening up the edges of your garden.

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