Why do we accord certain benefits to natural stones?

Nowadays,natural stones have an important place in our daily life, as they have been for the ancients thanks to their lithotherapy powers. Healers and traditional medicine practitioners recommend them to balance a person's personal and professional life, but also for health.

What is lithotherapy?

When we talk about natural stones, whether they are precious or semi-precious, we deal with lithotherapy. As the name implies, it is about therapy, i.e. cure, treatment or healing. Litho, from the Greek, means stone. However, lithotherapy is much more than a stone therapy, it is a very wide field. The power of the natural stones is extended from the physical body to the mind and the environment. These powers are related to several elements such as the sun, the light, the moon or the individual. And these powers change from one stone to another, so each stone has its own lithotherapy, which can be complementary or dissolve each other. Find out more about natural stones with the health stone leader Minerals Kingdom

The virtues of stones and their origins

The natural powers of stones have been used for many centuries by healers, wise men and warriors as well. Each stone has different strengths, whether it is a multi-coloured gemstone, each of these colours represents a different ability. They can also be conditioned by their origins or by the way they are assembled and treated. Litho therapy precious and semi-precious stones have been used by the ancients to heal physical illnesses, both internal and external, but also to find balance and to cure themselves psychologically. Some people used them for protection or for strength in wars or for family relationships.

Use of natural stones

Natural stones are widely used and worn today because of their lithotherapy powers. They embellish jewellery so that their virtues act continuously on the individual who wears them. Their specific powers act on each chakra point of the human body, so they are used as close as possible to the point to be healed or treated .Whether it is physical or physiological. Precious and semi-precious stones are also used as home decorations, and for protection against thieves and evil spirits. They can also be used to improve relationships, family connections or business relations.
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