Discover your stone: each zodiac sign has its stone

In lithotherapy, each astrological sign has its own stone. As each sign has a particular personality, the choice of a natural stone should be made according to the character traits of each individual and his or her needs. The energy and virtues emitted by each stone differ for each zodiac symbol, and therefore for each person.

Allocation of natural stones to signs of the zodiac

A natural stone is assigned to a zodiac sign to strengthen the personality or to give strength. Depending on the character and personality, a stone acts differently. Astrological signs and natural stones are linked, as the latter have powers according to affinity. For air signs such as Gemini, aquamarine or blue chalcedony would be a suitable stone. For fire signs such as Aries, the most suitable stone is carnelian or aquamarine. Water signs such as cancer will find their advantages with chalcedony or black tourmaline. Finally, the stone that is destined for the earth sign Virgo is agate or aquamarine.

The role of natural stones

In lithotherapy, stones are used to heal and cure by bringing energy and strength. Each stone is different in colour and shape. Astrology is used to determine the position of the stars at birth. This is where the natural stones come into play. A stone chosen according to one's astrological sign allows one to connect with the universe, while reinforcing positivity and good vibes. The colours and shapes of natural stones affect each zodiac sign in different ways. It is not surprising that a certain person is attracted to a particular colour of stone, or to a certain shape. The star sign and the natural stone are united and have a positive effect on the body and spirituality of each individual.

How do natural stones work on astrological signs?

Natural stones have the function of healing and protecting a person. They are charged with energy, and provide several functions such as health or protection. As astrological signs and natural stones are linked, the latter can be worn every day for greater effectiveness. The special connection between the zodiac sign and the natural stones allows the stones to exert their power on each individual. Each sign of the zodiac being particular, the energies and the waves which the stones bring act differently according to the signs. It is necessary to choose a stone according to its power and its needs.
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