Trend: natural stone jewellery is becoming increasingly fashionable!

Natural stones have become an essential accessory for any outfit. With a sober and stylish look, natural stone jewellery is worn in many different ways: earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and even anklets. But what makes them so attractive? Why are they so essential?

The aesthetic aspect

A rapidly expanding field, several SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are currently involved in the manufacture of natural stone jewellery. As a result, there are an increasing number of innovative designs appearing on the jewellery market. Usually associated with silver, natural stones are now combined with a number of ordinary metals to embellish different clothing styles. The particularity of minerals lies in its uniqueness and colour which is hardly copied. The natural stone jewellery designers do not only target women, but also try to attract men with bracelets which have become a fashionable accessory because of different cultures. For more information on the issue, visit

The Astrological and Mystical Aspect

Apart from the aesthetic aspect of the natural stone, astrology is a criterion for the selection of natural stone jewellery. As an unconventional medicine, the art of relieving any kind of pain by using a natural stone has been proved. Indeed, according to certain studies and experiments carried out over several years, natural stones have specific virtues for each astrological sign. A well-chosen stone can attract positive vibes, thus providing benefits for the person who wears it. A crystal can act on the mind and body therapeutically. In terms of astrology, luck is most often mentioned, since natural stones are known to influence a person to make the right decisions according to the circumstances. Each of the Zodiacal signs has a specific stone. Here are a few examples: for Aries: rock crystal and/or amethyst, for Taurus: black agate and/or heliotrope jasper... This brief list shows that there is a precise and particular characteristic to each mineral, which explains why they are known as "precious stones".

Easy to maintain

The stones do not require any specific care. They are naturally shiny and a moist cloth is all that is needed to restore their brilliance. However, the materials associated with the stone require other treatments, ordinary cleaning specific to each one. In other words, you do not need to spend much time polishing or washing them. Natural stones are very easy to maintain.
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