A bracelet representing the 7 chakras

Published on : 13 April 20213 min reading time
Designed with natural stones, the 7 chakras bracelet is beginning to seduce many people. In addition to its many health and wellness benefits, this accessory has an authentic charm. It is often perceived as miraculous. As a source of peace, the jewel eliminates negative effects. It helps to prevent certain ailments by regulating the various chakras of the body.

What is the 7 chakras bracelet?

The 7 chakras bracelet is quite different from the usual fashion accessories. As the name suggests, the jewellery consists of at least 7 different real stones. Each crystal is associated with 1 chakra. The matching stones are very diverse. For the root chakra, we can mention garnet, jasper, obsidian, cherry amber and black tourmaline. Orange calcite, carnelian, sunstone and cognac amber are associated with the sacral chakra. Tiger’s eye, citrine, calcite, lemon amber and rutilated quartz are dedicated to the solar plexus chakra.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult for novices to distinguish real 7 chakra bracelets from fake ones. Most of the jewellery sold on the market is made of synthetic beads. Get advice from a specialist before buying your 7 chakra bracelets. Note that a real pearl should not be too bright. Turquoise and amber are two stones that should be closely analysed. Turquoise is a very rare and expensive crystal. Amber normally has a more uniform colour.

The benefits of the 7-chakra bracelet

The benefits of a 7-chakra bracelet are not limited to the aesthetic aspect. This jewel has positive impacts on health and well-being. You should know that the imbalance of the chakras has negative effects on your life. When disorders are identified in the energy points associated with the chakras, it is time to act. It is advisable to first identify the sources of the problem. Start by discovering your chakras and the pains associated with their activities.

The 7-Chakras Bracelet is mainly used to reassure the wearer. Its contributions regularly diffuse energy, which improves moods in everyday life. The stones help you to focus better on the main chakras. In this way, you will have a better overview of your surroundings, including your state. The crystals associated with the 7 Chakras bracelet boost your self-esteem. Thanks to their protective aura, these jewels stabilise your emotions.

Buying a 7-Chakra Bracelet

7-Chakra jewellery is a very interesting gift idea. Theese bracelets are particularly surprising for followers of the Buddhist religion. In any case, these accessories are suitable for everyone, women and men, believers and non-believers alike.

Often coloured, the 7 chakras bracelet gains in originality. It is a perfect complement to everyday clothing as well as to festive occasions. The jewel can easily be adjusted to all looks. A less sophisticated model will dress your wrist in all circumstances while giving a touch of spirituality to your personality. This accessory has become one of the trendiest items of the moment.

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