Wearing sodalite jewellery

Sodalites are minerals that were discovered in the 19th century. Baptized since antiquity, they have always been very discreet. However, they are stones of great beauty. Moreover, they are full of incredible benefits that will amaze you. This is why sodalite is becoming more and more popular with people.

What is sodalite?

Sodalites are dark blue minerals with a slight white tinge, belonging to the silicate family. They are generally composed of chlorinated silicates of sodium and aluminium. Alomites, ditroites and glaucolites are also other terms for sodalites. Sodalite stones are widely used in lithotherapy. These minerals have the advantage of being available in large quantities on the market at affordable prices. Thus, it is easy to obtain them. Despite this, the minerals are known to act effectively and are frequently prescribed by practitioners. To benefit from the many virtues of sodalite stones, it is necessary to optimise the contact with the stone. Indeed, these stones emit specific radiations and it is necessary to be constantly exposed as long as possible to be able to benefit from them. Sodalite stones can be cut to become jewellery. In smaller forms, you can carry them with you at all times and benefit from the positive radiation they emit. If you want the sodalites to work faster, you can use larger stones. Yes, the larger the amount of sodalite is in contact with your body, the more intense and rapid the effects will be. However, with these larger forms, you will find it more difficult to carry them with you all the time. 

The effects of sodalite on the spiritual

Sodalites are clairvoyant stones. This means that they can allow you to check your inner visions for better self-knowledge. They can also guide you to know your deepest thoughts. In addition, they can clear the mind, allowing you to see the world in a different way. Sodalites also have the virtues to let you know that there is a connection between humans and nature. The stone also has the power to fight against negative energy by using its strength. It should also be noted that sodalites develop the third eye. This means that they optimise your intuitions. Sodalite jewellery is also known as strength and courage jewellery. With them as allies, you will be safe from all problems. Finally, sodalites are tools of prestige for people who possess the gift of clairvoyance. Indeed, they develop the know-how. Moreover, if you type "sodalite virtues" in the search bar, you will be able to find several testimonies of people about them.

The effects of sodalite on the psychic

The first action of sodalites on the psyche is to maximize concentration. They are effective tools for developing self-esteem and self-confidence. They can therefore protect you in the face of any problem or difficult situation. Sodalites also promote a sense of logic. They can be beneficial to the passionate of mathematics for example. Moreover, they can help you to think more rationally. Thanks to these jewels, you will be able to control your emotions and fight hypersensitivities, as they are also soothing and relaxing. Thus, if you are easily distressed in your daily life, using sodalites is highly recommended. On the other hand, these jewels promote a sense of empathy, which enables you to have the right attitudes towards others. For people who have to work in numbers, sodalites are valuable allies. They promote mutual aid, cooperation and team spirit. It also has the ability to amplify kindness and humility in you.

The effects of sodalite on the body

Sodalite is an effective remedy for many physical ailments. First of all, they promote the proper functioning of the brain. They also have the power to regulate arterial tension. In addition, they ensure endocrine balance by regulating insulin production. Sodalites can also fill the calcium deficiency that causes spasmophilia. In case of digestive disorders, they have the power to soothe pain. Its ability to calm cravings and its ability to maximize vitality should also be mentioned. Sodalite jewellery also accelerates the healing of radiation damage, relieves eye disorders and reduces fever. They are also able to heal common skin diseases such as eczema. In addition, they strengthen the immune system.
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